Identity. Trust. Value.

Every day people meet and they talk and pass on word of mouth recommendations for anything from the computer they just bought to the gluten free cookies they love to which resort or hotel they should visit. It’s fun to give and receive recommendations, everyone enjoys it and gains great value from it.

We provide a beautifully simple product and frictionless user experience that helps any business capture, deliver, display and track customer recommendations and gives those recommendations a coherent online identity so customers and potential customers know exactly what it is and what to do with it. Our mission is to help you digitise your customer word of mouth to create hyper-relevant content and real recommendation liquidity to unlock this high value customer asset and stay ahead of the competition in modern, fast evolving markets.

Now, our technology means your customers can send and receive their recommendations for your business and products, to and from people they know and trust, instantly

Never miss a recommendation opportunity!


We are a team of experienced online technology professionals with a uniquely complimentary skill set encompassing online retail, b2b and b2c, e-commerce, marketing and commercial know how.

Having identified the opportunity, our collective experience, knowledge, creativity and passion for online innovation meant that we were able to define our vision for peer to peer customer recommendations, bring it to life and deliver it to market. The great news is there's a lot more to come!

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